Graphic design



Corporate identity


Putting it all together and making sense of  the design choices is the final step, and shows what your business is about without words.

The work doesn't stop after the logo. Every expression with your name on it should resonate what your business is about.

Your business needs something to be recognized by. A good logo that represents your company's DNA  does just that.


Images speak louder than words.

Web design

Static or dynamic


Search engine optimization

After sales

Social media consultancy


Which network do you need?

Do you need social media at all?

How can we make it work for us?

Your website needs a place to stay. We'll help you find one, based on your specific needs and visitors.

It doesn't stop after the website is finished. After we put you online, we keep you online.

Do you need a dynamic content management system or just a front door on the Internet? Maybe even a store or a booking system?

We make sure that the search engines can find you, and take care of integrating your business into the Google ecosystem.

Your unique business deserves a unique website. We work closely together with you to achieve the result that fits you.

IT-Consultancy for SMB

Over 15 years of experience




Cloud or no cloud? Microsoft, Google, or something else? Which is best for efficient collaboration within your business? What is this cloud exactly anyway?


The cloud is one of the most prominent current buzz-words in business today. The potential is incredible for both small and large businesses in any industry, including yours.

Windows, OSX, or Chrome OS? Microsoft office, or Google Apps for Business? What about Adobe? Which software plays nice with the systems you're already using?


Making the right choice early on is crucial for an efficient work-flow. Just as important as choosing the right hardware, software can make or break the efficiency of a business.

With the staggering amount of available computer hardware available today, it's hard to determine which works best for your business.


There is a fine line between overpaying for hardware you don't need, and saving money in the wrong places and ending up with underpowered systems for the next five years.

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